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miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2016

Subb Niggurath en Argentina

Subb Niggurath en Argentina

Exhibición del cortometraje Subb Niggurath de VooR Productions en Buenos Aires, en el festival LAEXP 2016, en su quinta edición.

El festival tendrá lugar en Villa Crespo, CABA, en La Gran Jaime, y contará con multitud de talleres, performance, conciertos, exposiciones y muchas otrás actividades.
El evento dará comienzo el sábado 13 de agosto a partir de las 18:00 -fecha en la que se proyectará Subb Niggurath-. y la entrada al festival tendrá un precio de 100 $

Desde aquí os invito a visitar el Facebook Oficial del festival, donde podréis encontrar mayor infomación y descuentos.

Un agradecimiento a Sergio Andrés Rondan por ayudarnos en la difusión del cortometraje.

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

Pingsha Chase in the Chinese newspaper

Today we was happily surprised by one article in the chinese press talking good about the trailer of our new film, Pingsha Chase.

Today Zhuhai press echoes our trailer, which has already been viewing for more than 6000 people with the most positive reviews done.
We are pleased by the welcome of the trailer, and soon we will have the full film for viewing in short film festivals.

Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy it!

sábado, 7 de mayo de 2016

2016 - Pingsha Chase - Trailer

Greetings friends from the abyss!

This time I want you see our last film: Pingsha Chase, and 1980 movie made in China. I let you with the trailer with english/chinese subtitles, and a second version with spanish/chinese.
Also I let here some promotional photos and the poster.

The movie of the decade! Cancel the Oscars! Coming soon ;)

Pingsha Chase - Trailer

Pingsha Chase - Spanish Subtitles - Trailer

jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

Official Selection - Ozark Shorts Film Festival, Lamar, Missouri - 2016

Greetings friends.

I´m proud to announce that our film, Subb Niggurath, which I had the honor of being the writter and director, has been selected, and therefore becomes part of the Official Selection of Ozark Shorts Film Festival of Lamar, Missouri.

Soon we can upload the full program of the festival, as well as various news talking about the film's second trip to the US after his previous tour through the California coast.

The festival will take place this summer, where short films from around the world will be released free of charge ..

Then again I leave with the trailer for our film. Soon we offer more news.

viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

Bill UfoHunter, main cover of the digital portal Cinevivo

Bill UfoHunter, main cover of the digital portal Cinevivo for independent films

I´m proud to have staged the cover of Cinevivo digital space, independent film portal, with my short film Bill Ufohunter.

Besides that, they have included in their space four of my films: Two animation films -Bill UfoHunter and A Fistful of Zombies- and two live-action shortfilms -Subb Niggurath and Vallenegro-

From here I want to give thanks to Martín Turnes, director of the portal, and the other people who have trusted my work to spread it from this platform.

Here is the link so you can enjoy this platform, aimed to publicize new talent and independent productions: